Sunny Lenarduzzi & Andrew Barber
Beer money canada
CKVU City 57: 2013

Beer Money is a franchised sports quiz show for Vancouver, British Columbia where sports fans are quizzed on location on their knowledge of sports and sports related trivia.

The first part is played as three rounds with one question apiece. The first round is worth $10, the second $20 and the third being $100. The players can quit anytime and keep the money they accumulated for a maximum total of $130. However, if any question is answered incorrectly, all money accumulated is lost.

The second part is referred to as the "Beer Run" where one question with several answers is presented and the player has 30 seconds to give as many correct answers as possible. $5 is rewarded for each correct answer for the list. No penalty is given for wrong answers.


Based on the franchised New York City game show of the same name by Comcast


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