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Crossword Quiz (2)


Two players face a board that resembles a real crossword puzzle, except that the last letter of one word could become the first word of another. Also what makes the crosswords unusual is that the cross in the middle (the middle row intersecting with the middle column) represents the answer to a picture clue. The object of the game is to solve the center cross. Contestants do that by filling in the crossword answers on the board.


To start the round, the picture clue along with the written clue was revealed. Then the player in control picked a position on the board. The host then read a crossword clue, followed by three possible answers. The first player to buzz-in and choose the right answer won money and picked another position or solve the cross. NOTE: If and when an answer intersects with the cross, the letters in the cross are revealed in both that position and the one similar to the other. If a player buzzed in and was wrong, the opponent got to steal. And if both contestants miss, the answer was still revealed, but the money was awarded to a home viewer. The first player to solve the cross won the round and prizes.

In Round 1, correct answers were worth $50; in Round 2, correct answers were worth $100 and in Round 3, correct answers were worth $200.

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