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Global: 2/4/2007 – 3/1/2007

Deal or No Deal Canada was a short-lived, Canadian-English speaking version of Le Banquier (The Banker) and internationally based on Deal or No Deal which in turn was based on the Dutch format called Miljoenenjacht (Hunt for Millions).

Case models[edit | edit source]

Five of the 26 models were selected from casting calls in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal, joining 21 other professionally-hired models. The full list is as follows:

Case # Model Where From Originally From
1 Jessica Rimmer Toronto, Ontario Coldwater, Ontario
2 Amber Borde Toronto, Ontario
3 Megan Lindley Toronto, Ontario Coldwater, Ontario
4 Brandi Alexander Toronto, Ontario
Vancouver, British Columbia
5 Brittany Gray Pickering, Ontario
6 Daphne Kostova Toronto, Ontario Plovdiv, Bulgaria
7 Véronique Landry
(also appears on the French version)
Montreal, Quebec Chicoutimi, Quebec
8 Hinde Rabbaj Longueuil, Quebec
9 Michelle Lindo Brampton, Ontario
10 Chantale Nadeau Toronto, Ontario Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec
11 Jessica Antonella Romano Toronto, Ontario
12 Jennifer Cooper Waterloo, Ontario Pickering, Ontario
13 Lilette Wiens Toronto, Ontario
14 Jill Clark Toronto, Ontario Mississauga, Ontario
15 Sarah Laurene Jackson Barrie, Ontario Toronto, Ontario
16 Tenika Davis Toronto, Ontario Newmarket, Ontario
17 Laura Elizabeth Pilotte Whitby, Ontario Pickering, Ontario
18 Nora Kwang Toronto, Ontario
19 Kylee Evans Toronto, Ontario Stellarton, Nova Scotia
20 Jennifer Jacqueline Palamos Abbotsford, British Columbia Surrey, British Columbia
21 Siovan Hope-Ross London, Ontario St. Maarten, Trinidad
22 Jessica Gabrielle Hebert Winnipeg, Manitoba
23 Jennifer Fletcher Calgary, Alberta Red Deer, Alberta
24 Amanda Perreira Toronto, Ontario
25 Candace Edwards Toronto, Ontario Trinidad & Tobago
26 Shanu Rawat Toronto, Ontario Vancouver, British Columbia
Substitute Angélica Escudero Toronto, Ontario Vancouver, British Columbia
Substitute Katherine Aniela Fergusson-Kurylo Toronto, Ontario Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Despite being a Canadian native, Leyla Milani (who holds Case #13 on the US version) is not one of the models on the Canadian version.

Case values[edit | edit source]

The amounts remain the same as the American edition, except for the re-labeling of the $1 value using the common nickname "loonie", the addition of a "toonie" case, and the removal of the $400,000 value. All amounts are in Canadian dollars, tax-free.

Left Side Right Side
$0.01 $750
LOONIE($1) $1,000
TOONIE($2) $5,000
$5 $10,000
$10 $25,000
$25 $50,000
$50 $75,000
$75 $100,000
$100 $200,000
$200 $300,000
$300 $500,000
$400 $750,000
$500 $1,000,000

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Howie Mandel has also hosted the American version of the show on NBC from 2005 until 2009 and in Syndication from 2008 until 2010. In addition, the U.S. version (NBC primetime only) did have a crossover episode with the originally French-Canadian version with a special appearance by host Julie Snyder (via video appearance).

Music[edit | edit source]

It used the same music as the American version by The Groove Addicts

Inventor[edit | edit source]

Based on the Dutch show Miljoenenjacht by Richard Del Rijk

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