Gilles Payer
Gino Chouinard
Double Défi
TVA: 1989-1990

Double Défi (Double Challenge) was a French-Canadian adaptation of the American game show Double Dare hosted by Gilles Payer and broadcast by TVA, first in the summer of 1989 and then during the season 1989-1990.

Main GameEdit

The show started each episode with "On your mark, get set, go!", but in French, the host Gillies Payer said, "À vos marques, prêt, partez!"

The game was played in two rounds, at the beginning of each round, a toss-up challenge was played by both teams. The team that completed the toss-up earned five points in round one and 10 points in round two and control of the round.

The team in control was asked a question and a correct answer scored points & kept control, but an incorrect answer forfeited control to the opposing team. Here's where the daring comes in; if the team in control does not know the answer or if they think opposing team doesn't know, all they have to do is "Dare" that opposing team, making the value of the question worth double. But if the opposing team still has no idea or vice versa, they can "Double Dare" the first team for quadruple the value. On a dare or double dare, if the team controlling the question answered incorrectly, the points went to the daring team; on a double dare only, the controlling team could either answer the question or take the physical challenge. The physical challenge in question was a stunt (usually messy) that had to be completed within the time limit, doing so won the double dare amount, but running out of time and not completing the challenge gave the opposing team the points. Here how the players scored for success:

  • Round 1 - Question - 5, Dare - 10, Double Dare/Physical Challenge - 20
  • Round 2 - Question - 10, Dare - 20, Double Dare/Physical Challenge - 40

The rounds were played in an unmentioned time limit, and the round(s) ended with the sound of a siren. The team with the most points at the end of round two won the game and also earned the right to run the Obstacle Course.

Obstacle CourseEdit

The winning team had 60 seconds to run through eight obstacles. In each obstacle, the goal was to perform a certain task/run through something, then grab an orange flag from a pole or attached to the obstacle or simply finding that flag. Once the player doing that obstacle got the flag, he/she must then pass it to his/her partner. For each obstacle completed the team won a prize, and clearing the entire course (all eight obstacles) also won a grand prize.


Based on the American game show Double Dare

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