Maripier Morin
Face au Mur
TVA: 1/18/2018-present
Endelmol Shine Group
Deux L Productions
TVA Productions
Universal Television
Endemol Shine Group

Face au Mur (Facing the Wall/In Front of the Wall) is a French-Canadian speaking version of the American primetime game show of The Wall. Keep in mind that this should not be confused with the TF1 French game show called The Wall: Face au Mur (The Wall: Facing the Wall)


Combining randomness, strategy and general knowledge, the game consist in answering questions by allowing green balls in case of good answers or red in case of bad answers to hurt down a huge wall of 4 floors. The cumulation of these falls could allow execptional duos to win more than a million dollars. Because the wall has only one purpose … to change people's lives by rewarding them for their good deeds.


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