Two couples face-off against each other in a Q & A musical guessing game.




Niagara Television


Alan Thicke


Gardner Westbound


Main GameEdit

The two competing couples hear notes from popular songs (five to start). If neither couple can guess the song, a toss-up question was asked and the first couple to buzz-in with a correct answer gets 10 points and control of the song. If a couple buzzes in with a wrong answer, no points are awarded, but the opposing couple gets control. When controlling the song, the couple can ask for two more notes before or after the five already heard. The process continues until either the song was guessed or for a maximum of 12 notes. Each time a couple guesses a song correctly they get 100 points.

Several songs are played according to time and when that time is up, the team with the most points are the winners, receives a prize and goes on to play for a new car.

Bonus RoundEdit

The bonus round is a 60 second round consisting of five songs.

To start, one member of the winning couple will go into an isolation booth while the other hears up to five songs. On each one, he/she has to identify it and then under the pressure of a 60 seconds clock, gave clues to convey the song to his/her isolated partner without using words from the song itself. If they can get three out of five songs correctly, they win the car.

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