Don Ritchie
Food for thought
(TBD) (daily): 4/3/1989 - 4/2/1993

Food For Thought was a game show that was similar to Supermarket Sweep.


Three contestants competed in a game consisting of a food-based quiz and a supermarket shopping spree.

Main GameEdit

Players were given 100 points to begin the game.

The First Three RoundsEdit

Host Ritchie read a series of questions. Correct answers scored points with no penalty for a wrong answer; like on Sale of the Century, however, only one player could attempt each question.

Scoring/Number of QuestionsEdit

Each round had a point value for all questions and played with a certain number of them.

Round Point Value Number of Questions
Round 1 15 8
Round 2 20 5
Round 3 25 7

Round 4: Culinary CountdownEdit

For each question, a series of blank spaces representing the name of a certain food were presented, following which, Ritchie gave the category of that food, followed by a free letter. As more letters were revealed, the point value decreased by 10 points. Unlike in the first three rounds, more than one player could answer each question.

Five words were played as follows:

Words Starting Value Number of Letters
1 & 2 50 6
3 & 4 60 7
5 70 8

Round 5: Shopping SpreeEdit

To start the round, the contestants each took a shopping cart, Ritchie announced a target dollar amount, and the contestants had 30 seconds to shop for as many items as possible. The catch was that the items didn't have prices on them, and there were also two limitations:

  1. Contestants could only take one of each identical item.
  2. When time expired, if a player had just grabbed an item, he/she was allowed to put it in the cart, but he/she couldn't grab anything else.

When time expired, the show took a final commercial break, during which the value each player's groceries were added up to create a grand total for him/her.

After the break, the players totals were revealed in order of their scores, starting with the player in 3rd Place and ending with the one in 1st Place. The player who came closest to the target without going over scored 200 points, and, as an added bonus, players who hit the target exactly won $5,000.

The player with the highest score won the game, a couple of nice prizes, and played the bonus round.

Bonus RoundEdit

To start, Ritchie gave a choice of three questions. The winning player would choose one, with Ritchie giving him/her one opportunity to change his/her mind and select a different question.

The contestant then had 10 seconds to answer the question, and he/she could only give one answer. If he/she was right, he/she won the grand prize of a trip to Florida.


For whatever reason, the show's final "week" (March 29-April 2, 1993) consisted of just one episode, airing on Friday, with Bumper Stumpers airing on Monday-Thursday.

YouTube LinksEdit

The full April 3, 1989 premiere (Dave/Tina/Glen)
First few minutes of a 1992 episode (Tony/Carolyn/Liz)

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