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Generation Gap
YTV: 1989
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Generation Gap was a short-lived game show that aired on YTV in 1989.


The series was a stunt-based show in which two families, in peach or periwinkle jumpsuits to simulate red and blue designations, faced off.


The game was played in three rounds.

In each round, both families played a face-off stunt. The winner of the stunt scored points and won a prize. Prior to each stunt, the host asked one family member to play for double points and taking a risk. When taking a risk, if the risk takers win, they scored the double, plus bonus points if the opponents took the risk as well; but if the opponents won, they get the bonus points.

In the second half of the first two rounds, the families played an American Newlywed Game-esque round for more points, another prize and a chance to play a bonus stunt, also for more points, and another prize.

The scoring was kept track on a scale at the show's logo and little cylinders were used as points. A single point were indicated by little cylinders and two points were indicated by larger cylinders. When awarding points, host Jeff placed the cylinders on the winning family's side of the scale.

Round 1Edit

Each stunt was worth worth one point. One point was also awarded for a successful match. A family could earn up to six points for sweeping the round.

Round 2Edit

Each stunt was worth worth two points. two point were also awarded for a successful match. A family could earn up to 12 points for sweeping the round.

Championship RoundEdit

In the final round, one final stunt was played with both families. The winners of that stunt scored five points while taking the risk and winning scored 10 points. So there was a possibility of adding 15 points to their score. The five points were indicated by black boxes.

The family with the most points (tipping the scale in their direction) won a grand prize.


Robert Burton & Charles J. Falzon

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