Host (the fake ATM)
Ally Coyote (Season 1)
Colleen Rushmore (Season 2 – Present)
Instant Cash card
TVtropolis: 1/31/2011 – Present
Cineflix Productions

Instant Cash is a Canadian game show where anyone who steps up to an ATM can win thousands of dollars with trivia questions and outrageous challenges, these unsuspecting contestants are willing to do just about anything to win.


A Bogus ATM is secretly set up at a grand court in a Canadian shopping centre; this is the home base for most of the show. The contestant(s)are asked a series of multiple choice questions with four possible answers. Ever answer they correctly provide adds money to their winnings; but just one incorrect answer forces them out of the game but they keep their winnings up to that point.

At certain points during the game (when the player(s) have accumulated $150, $800 and $2,500) the fake ATM gives contestant(s) a dare, which (if successfully completed), can double their money, but failure will result in their winnings being depleted and their elimination from the game. Examples of dares include:

  • Being forced to wear ridiculous outfits.
  • Asking a stranger to propose for them.
  • Finding a mall patron not in a store with a certain name.

The contestant(s) is also permitted to quit the game and cash out their winnings at these particular milestones. If any contestant(s) makes it to the final question, the ATM will offer them one final ultimate dare, which is typically much more difficult than the three previous dares; examples include:

  • Having a stranger allow them to throw a slushy at his/her face.
  • Having a stranger to permit them to shave his/her head.

Any contestant(s)who successfully completes this dare wins the top prize of $10,000 (previously $15,000 in season 1). However, failure also results in winning nothing and elimination from the game.

There are also mini-games, where the ATM grabs the attention of a patron passing by. That contestant(s) has/have a chance to win $20 if they can answer one general knowledge question correctly.

Money Tree
$10,000 (formerly $15,000)
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