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It's Your Move
CTV: 1964–1967, 1974–1979
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"On today's show, we get over $2,500 in cash and prizes up for grabs! Welcome to Canada's favourite game, It's Your Move! And here's the star of It's Your Move, Paul Hanover!"

It's Your Move was a Canadian charades game show where two teams of two contestants bid against each other as to how much time it would take to act out and convey a phrase.


To start, one member of each team would come up and the host would show them a phrase and a starting time. Then the two contestants would bid on how low they wanted the time to be.

The one who won the bidding would act the phrase out in the time they bid. If the team in control could get the phrase before time ran out, they won the phrase. But if they couldn't, the opponents won the phrase.

The first team to win three phrases won the game (plus $15 if they won at least one phrase themselves), and a choice of three prizes which were hidden behind the phrases they won. The prizes were either a cash prize of up to $250, a dinner for two, or a merchandise prize. The team would choose a phrase based on the last word in it (shown on their board) and won the prize behind it.

The first team to win two out of three games won the match, and any team who won five matches would also win a grand prize trip.


Baer-Joelson Productions

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