Sandy Jobin-Bevans & Kylee Evans
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YES TV: 1/7/2018 – Present

Just Like Mom and Dad is a revival of the 1980s hit game show Just Like Mom.

Format[edit | edit source]

Each episode of Just Like Mom and Dad features three parent-child pairs competing in three rounds of interactive challenges, all designed to determine how well parents and kids really know each other, running just like the original 1980s version. Correct answers for the first round of questions are worth 5 and 10 points, and 15 and 20 points in the second round. In the taste test, the parents taste all three treats prepared by the children in the Bake-Off round, then trey try to guess which one their child made by holding up numbered paddles with the team with the lowest score going first. A correct match earns 50 points.

The winning team then faces a 12-section wheel spun by the child, winning whatever prize it lands on. The top prize is an all-inclusive family vacation to a tropical destination sponsored by Sunwing Airlines, much like the coveted trip to Disney World in the original version.

American Network[edit | edit source]

The show can also be seen on BYUtv since January 8, 2018.

Other version[edit | edit source]

Just Like Mom

Link[edit | edit source]

Official Website

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