Luc Senay (1992-1997)
Jean-Francois Baril (2009-2017)
Jean-Francois Breau (2018-2019)
La Guerre Des Clans 1992-1997
TQS: 1992-1997
La Guerre Des Clans 2009
La Guerre des Clans 2018 titlecard
V: 2009-2017, 2018-2019

La Guerre des Clans (War of the clans) is a French-Canadian adaption of the American game show Family Feud.


The game is administered like the U.S. version of the show. The first three questions were worth single points. Question four has double points. All points in the fifth round and up are tripled. The first team to get 300 points wins the game and plays Fast Money for a cash prize.

Bonus RoundEdit

The winning family goes on to play the bonus round, which is basically the same as Fast Money on the American series. The captain chooses two families members to play the round. One family member leaves the stage and is placed in an isolation booth, while the other is given 20 seconds (15 seconds originally) to answer five questions. The clock beings counting down after the host finishes reading the first question. If he or she cannot think of something, he or she must say "pass", and the host will come back to it if their's time left. The number of people giving each answer is revealed once all five answers are given or time has expired. The player earns one point for each person that gave the same answer; at least two people must said that answer for it to score.

Once all the points for the first player are tallied, the second family member comes back on stage with the first contestant's answers are covered and is given 25 seconds (20 seconds originally) to answer the same five questions. If the second player gives the same answer as the first player on any of the five questions, a double buzzer will sound-off and the host will ask for another response.

If one or both family members accumulate a total of 200 points or more, the family wins $2,000; starting in the second week of the 2009 run, it was a cash prize that starts at $2,000 and increases by $500 every time it was not won. Anything under 200 points means they get $3 a point. Starting on September 17, 2013, if the first player gives all #1 answers, they win a $1,000 bonus regardless of the outcome. Families can stay for five shows until they are defeated.


The set for the original 1992-97 version was based on the 1988-94 Ray Combs version from America. However, the survey board resembles to that of it's British counterpart called Family Fortunes. From 1995 until 1997, the color of its set changed later on.


Official site for the 2009 version

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