Rick Campbell
Line 'em up
CTV: 1962–1963
Screen Gems

"Welcome to the game of fun, skill and excitement… LINE 'EM UP! Now here's our host, Rick Campbell!"

Line 'em Up was a short-lived game show where players lined up sets of pictures on a giant one-armed bandit.


Two contestants (one of them usually being a returning champion) competed in each game. The object of the game was to match facts with other facts. To start the game, three tumblers, labeled A, B, and C, would spin to show the information for the game. One tumbler displayed the subject of each question. On the other two tumblers were items that applied to each of these subjects. Under each item was a number from 1 to 5. When the subject tumbler displayed the subject, the contestants had to call the numbers relating to the subject in the tumbler on the left, first, followed by the tumbler on the right.

If both items matched the subject, the contestant would score points and bank a prize. Each correct match gave the contestant six prizes to prizes to choose from, each with a point value attached to it ranging from zero to five. The higher the point value, the less valuable the prize. The contestant would choose a prize to bank, and whatever they chose, they would put a block with the name of that prize on it in a slot on their podium. Each game featured two prizes for each point value, and the same point value could not be chosen more than twice in the game.

Choosing a number whose item didn't match the subject lead to a funny reaction. In this case, the contestant could stay with that tumbler, guess a number on the other tumbler, or pass control to their opponent. If they guessed a number on the other tumbler and were wrong, it was an automatic pass.

Each game had a maximum of five questions, and the first player to score eleven points, or whoever had the highest score, would win the game. To win the prizes, however, they had to reach eleven points before the last question had been played.

Contestants stayed on the show until they won seven games, or were defeated.


This show was one of several Canadian game shows created by Dan Enright and was produced by Screen Gems.

Although the show was popular enough to be CTV's top afternoon game show, the series was not renewed for a second season as it was replaced in the schedule by The Burns and Allen Show.

Line 'em Up was also the name of a pricing game on the U.S. game show The Price is Right, which debuted in 1998 and is still played to this day.


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