Terry Grant (Season 1-6)
Chad Savage Lenz (S7)
Shawn Colin (Season 1-2)
Shawn Devlin (Season 3-7)
Outdoor Life Network: 4/2006-8/22/2012
Bonterra Production
Rogers Communication
Discovery Communications

Mantracker was a reality competition series where an expert tracker (called the "Mantracker") who pursues two individuals in the remote Canadian or American wilderness. The pursued (referred to as "Prey") must elude capture while attempting to reach a finish line within thirty-six hours.


The object is for the prey to reach a finish line some 17 to 60 kilometers away without getting caught by the mantracker in a pre-determined time (usually 36 hours). The Mantracker's goal is to catch the prey before they reach the finish line, within the designated time. There is no prize for succeeding, other than "bragging rights" and personal satisfaction.

Each episode features a two-person team of prey who usually (but not always) have a pre-existing relationship. The Prey have varying wilderness survival skills and physical fitness levels. The only items provided for the prey are a map (that includes the location of the finish line) and a compass for navigation. The prey carries the gear they consider necessary to complete the challenge. The Prey determines how to avoid capture.

The Mantracker does not meet the team before the chase or know their destination. Traveling on horseback and aided by a local guide (knows as the "sidekick") the Mantracker relies on his tracking skills, though some equipment (such as regular and infrared binoculars) is sometimes used.

The prey is given a head start (usually about 2 kilometers) although in more rugged terrain that distance may be greater. The chase is started by a flare gun fired from the prey's position. The Prey head towards the finish, using the terrain to hide their location. The Mantracker and his sidekick ride to where they believe the prey began an attempt to determine the direction in which they are headed.

The prey travel through the terrain, often going off-trail and "bushwacking" through dense brush, over hills, rocky ground and rivers and lakes to reach the finish line and to escape the Mantracker. The race often includes overnight campaign. There is no pre-set stopping point on day one or starting time on day two. Although the prey commonly travel on foot, they can use other transportation modes. For example, in one episode the prey hitchhiked for a short distance. In another episode, the prey used rock climbing gear to scale down steep cliff.

Unless time runs out, the race ends when the prey successfully arrive at the finish line or if the mantracker or the sidekick captures them. To capture the prey, the mantracker or the sidekick must tag or someone block their movement. If the rider and horse get close enough, the prey often concedes. If one of the prey is caught, the remaining one can continue alone.


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