"It's time for television's zaniest half hour, PARTY GAME! Now here's that party game man, AL BOLISKA/BILL WALKER!" 

Party Game was a charades game show similar to the American classic, Pantomime Quiz.


Syndication: 1970–1981


Al Boliska (1970–1971)
Bill Walker (1971–1981)


Riff Markowitz as "Gardiner Westbound"


Two teams of three players competed in a charades game. The Challenger Team was composed of a contestant joined with two guest star players who appeared either for a single day or for the whole week, while the Home Team consisted of series regulars Jack Duffy, Dinah Christie and Billy Van. Their jobs were act out a series of phrase to convey to their partners within the time limit. The answers were usually jokes or complex phrases based around a pun or some other form of word play. Viewers at home were also invited to send their own joke or phrase, which if used, could win them a small prize.

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