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Michel Lacroix
Price is Right a Vous du Jouer alt
V: 2011-2012

Price is Right: À Vous de Jouer (Price is Right: It's your play) was a short-lived revival and remake of Misez Juste (Know the Score) which in turn was based on the American game show The Price is Right.

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Misez Juste


This show reused many cues from the American version.

"La Chute" Cue - Edd Kalehoff
"La Lyrolien" Yodel Cue - "On the Franches Mountains" by the Jura Orchestra
Prize Cue - "Bhen" by Score Productions
Prize Cue - "Splendido!" by Score Productions
Showcase Cue - by Edd Kalehoff
Showcase Cue - by Michael Karp
Wheel Win - "Dig We Must" by Score Productions
Lose Cue - Edd Kalehoff


Official Website (Note: Even though there are full episodes on this site, you cannot watch them because they're only available in Canada and proxies didn't work for me, Temple 92, and it won't work for you, so you are going to have to just throw a fit)
Official Facebook Page

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