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Global Television Network: 1983–1984
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Global Television Network

The Joke's On Us! was a comedy game show produced CIII Global 6 Paris where a panel of four famous funny people told jokes & punchlines and the contestants job was to decide which punchline was correct.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Main Game[edit | edit source]

The show pitted two contestants against each other. Each took turns listening to a joke told by one member of the panel, while the other panel members each delivered a different punchline to the joke. The contestant had to determine which of the punchlines was the original punchline to the joke; if correct, that player scored; otherwise, the his/her opponent scored. Values were 5 points in Round 1, 10 points in Round 2, and 50 points in Round 3. This last round was played differently from the first two rounds; in this round, Hall himself would read the joke, three of the panelists would provide punchlines, the contestants would secretly choose who had the correct punchline, and the fourth panelist revealed the original punchline. The player with the most points at the end of this round (out of a possible 80) won the game and $250; in the event of a tie, a tie-breaker was played in the same way as a high-low question on Card Sharks.

Later episodes featured an all-cash format where correct answers were worth $25 in Round 1 and $50 in Round 2. The final joke was worth $100. Unlike the first format, the opponent did not score for an incorrect answer, making the maximum score $175.

Add-a-Word Round[edit | edit source]

The winner played the "Add-a-Word" bonus round, based on an old party game. A phrase such as "I always forget my…" would appear on a board, under which eight letters would be uncovered one at a time. The celebrities had to go around twice adding a word to the chain that began with the next letter. For the above example, if "A" were uncovered, the first celebrity might say "I always forget my apples." Then if a "B" were uncovered, the second would have to say "I always forget my apples and my balloons." This would continue for all eight letters.

If the celebrity could not remember a previous word, the contestant could tell them. After all eight words were given, the contestant then had to repeat the entire phrase. The celebrities could not tell the contestant the next word, but could mime or gesture to assist. The contestant had 60 seconds to build the chain and repeat it in order to win $500. Failing to do so awarded $25 for each successful repeat.

The enforcement of the rules was not always strict, and celebrities occasionally gave the wrong word while building the chain or gave verbal clues while the contestants were trying to repeat the chain.

Music[edit | edit source]

Milton Delugg

Inventor[edit | edit source]

Willie Stein & Nat Ligerman

YouTube Link[edit | edit source]

Diane vs. Doug (1983)

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