TimeChase is a history based quiz show. It was created by Sidney M. and Jay R. Cohen. It's originally telecast on the History Channel in Canada. It featured questions based on decades in history. It was produced and directed by Sidney M. Cohen. TimeChase is currently telecast on GameTV. The show ran in 1997 to 1999 and emcee Sheldon Turcott died in 2000. On the final episode, Alan Prendergast from Toronto, Ontario won. He remains to the day, the undefeated champion of TimeChase.


The History Channel: 1997-1999


Super People Productions


Sheldon Turcott


Jay Cohen
Catherine Swing


Round 1Edit

Three contestants compete in this game. One of them was a returning champion. Sheldon announces six decades which act as categories. One decade is a timechase mystery category which remains a secret until it is chosen. The champion picks a decade and then Sheldon reads a question with three choices. The first player to ring in gets to answer. If he/she is right, they get 10 points. If they are wrong, the remaining players will have a choice from the remaining answers. 4 questions are in each category. After the category is gone, the player with the last correct answer picks from the remaining categories. The round ends when time runs out. There was no mystery decade during season 2.

Round 2, Double or NothingEdit

This round is almost the same as the first round. Now, there are 6 more decades but now those decades are all about a certain topic. There is another mystery decade and will only be revealed if chosen. Correct answers are now worth 20 points and the player has to decide whether or not to answer a follow up question for another 20 points. A wrong answer takes those points away. The round ends when time runs out or all decades have been covered. The player who has the most points wins a prize and moves on to the Bonus Round.

Bonus RoundEdit

Sheldon reveals a topic and the winning contestant has to answer 5 questions. The first question is worth $25, the second, $50, the third, $75, the fourth, $100, and the fifth and final question is worth $250 for a total of $500. If the player answers them all right, he/she wins another prize. The player can stop anytime, but an incorrect answer along the way loses everything, but if there were any questions left, they would be worth $25 each. In any case, the champion comes back next time. Champions can stay for as many as 5 shows. If they make it that far, they win a cruise on the Saint Lawrence River.

Beginning in the 2nd season, an audience game was added called the "mini chase" taking place in between the 1st and 2nd round. reminiscent of the mini dash from The Mad dash, an audience member is asked up to 3 questions, answering 2 out of 3 correctly won a one year subscription to Maclean's magazine.