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YTV: 1988

Wild Guess was a kids game show about animals taped in Canada. It was taped in 1988, and it later reran on The American Animal Planet Network for one year from 1996-1997.


The show was hosted by Neil Crone (referred to on the air as "the Guessmaster"), and accompanied by "Team Tamers" Marilyn Smith and Linda Verry.


Two teams of two kids each with an animal name & assisted by an adult team captain (either Marilyn or Linda), competed in a game of answering animal questions. In each round, host Crone read a question with four possible answers. The teams held up a number that corresponds to one of the answers (the selected number & answer was announced by the appropriate team tamer). A correct answer was worth 30 points, but an incorrect answer forces the team to either take a Wild Guess (choose another answer) or a pass it up & end the question. When taking a Wild Guess, if the team in control is correct this time they get 20 points, but an incorrect answer gave the opposing team a chance to steal for 10 points, If they're wrong, no points were awarded.

Round Subjects[]

Five rounds with these questions were played with the last round played differently. Each round had a category, and here they are:

  • Living Proof
  • Triviology
  • Creature Feature
  • Call of the Wild - identifying animals by virtue of the sounds
  • Monkey Business - guessing animal actions
  • Catnips - teams buzzed-in on a series of questions. Correct answers were still worth 30 points but incorrect answers deducted 10 points.

The team with the most points wins the game.


  • On commercial breaks one of the team tamers asked a true or false home-viewer/audience question.
  • During a point in the show, Crone would make up a limerick using the animals representing each team

Famous Catchphrase[]

Linda/Marilyn: You can always take a.....

Audience: WILD GUESS!